• Instant online staff appraisals:

    • Your existing appraisal forms
    • Track your objectives
    • Fantastic reports for HR
    • Automatic reminders
    • Long free pilot period
    • Up and running quickly

  • Configurable online 360 degree feedback reports
    • Your competency framework
    • Your branding
    • Your scoring system
    • All managed for you by us

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    Download a sample raw-data report
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    Plus Qualitative analysis reports
    Instead of feedback in its raw form, we can give you hand-written analysis reports. These reports
    • guarantee anonymity
    • provide a clear, constructive message
    • have shown rapid development in individuals

    Analysis report imageDownload a sample analysis report
    Plus Coaching and feedback sessions
    Even a 1 hour session with one of our experienced coaches can dramatically increase the impact of 360° feedback report. A coach will help you come up with ideas for development, ideas on what you could do differently.

    A coach will ensure that you fully understand everything in the 360 feedback report and help you deal with the areas that you're not so happy with.

  • Staff surveys with HR expertise and professional analysis.
    • Tailor-made questions to investigate the issues you're interested in
    • Qualitative analysis reports, instead of pages of statistics
    • Analysis includes recommendations for change

    Call us on 020 7202 7979 to discuss your requirements and to see a sample analysis report.
  • Mentoring scheme image Mentoring scheme title

    We can manage your mentoring and coaching scheme!

    Stop spending time arranging mentoring manually: let mentors and mentees find each other.

    Once relationships are off the ground, use our tool to track goals and measure success.

    Click here to find out more or call 020 7202 7979 for demo.

  • Online booking for training courses. Simple and effective.

    Call us on 020 7202 7979 for a quote.

  • Other projects include:

    - HR intranet consultancy for HM government

    - Management training all over the world

    - Personality profiling

    - Competency framework design


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